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Results We Achieved for Our Clients in 2020

* 260% increase in MRR in 8 months for a SaaS client

* 10x improvement in number of weekly sales calls in just 6 weeks, mixing various tactics
* 80% reduction in cost-per-acquisition in paid ads Google and Facebook in 2,5 months.
* 614% increase in organic traffic in 6 months with keyword research + new SEO friendly content

* 3x improvement in landing page conversion, from visitor to lead, over 4 months
* 237% increase in signup to activation in 2 months through onboarding analysis & improvement
* 15,000 new users in 9 months for a B2B marketplace, with 60% retention to the second month

We always setup the Marketing, Sales and Product funnels and tools that acquire users and turn them into revenue as quickly as possible. We are happy to show live proof of the above points in analytics tools.


Some of our testimonials, taken from LinkedIn Profile of Bert Stevens

Christian Heidemeyer

Psychologist & PSMI

As one of Bert customers, he really helped us focus on the right thing regarding our Marketing & Sales efforts, using the right kind of data. The number of demos we had increased heavily when he began to support us. With his experiences in the SaaS world, he also was a great mentor. Keep up the good work!

December 15, 2020, Christian was a client of Bert's

Clay Lehmann

Chief Technology Officer
at Firm360

December 1st, 2020, Clay is a client of Bert's

We signed up for Bert's BetterProducts SAAS company growth package to get our Marketing and Sales processes going in the right direction. We have almost immediately seen a significant increase in weekly sales activity and demos. In addition, he has been a very valuable resource and advisor for all kinds of topics and questions that have come up as we go.

The tools and KPI reports that Bert set up for us allowed us to become much more data-driven in our decision making.

The weekly KPI reports help us focus on growth by giving us an amazing level of clarity on things like revenue, how our marketing engine is performing, how the sales funnel is performing and how the product is performing.

Clay Lehman

President at Lehman Software

Stewart Johnson

Founder at Doorflow

December 11, 2019, Stewart is a client of Bert's

I decided to start working with BetterProducts 9 months ago because of two challenges:

Firstly, I wanted to increase our then current 100% YoY growth in a scalable way. BetterProducts impressed me by increasing sales calls by at least 500% via a number of data driven methods. The BetterProducts team have run dozens of experiments and A/B tests across the marketing and sales funnels to determine the cheapest and most effective way to acquire more customers - we can increase our growth in a defined way by turning the dial as we like.

Secondly, I wanted to extract myself from the day to day as my limited time was becoming the biggest bottleneck to growth. BetterProducts proved itself as a true all-round partner by not only extending the team but also rapidly finding both a support and salesperson for us.

Overall a very positive partnership and I’m looking forward to some exciting times in the New Year as we continue to grow.

May 12, 2019, Boris was a client of Bert’s

Boris Paskalev

Co-Founder & CEO at DeepCode
(The first AI for software developers)

In 2019 and parts of 2020, I have worked with Bert to help us improve product-market fit and to shift focus and accelerate our growth. Bert helped us set up the right tools and processes to be more data-driven in our Marketing and Product Decisions. We now have a laser-sharp image of what our growth bottlenecks are, so we can quickly act on the most critical/impactful areas.

The weekly meetings and the mentoring have been invaluable to make strategic decisions, extract key insights and focus our product, marketing and sales efforts in a more data-driven way.

We recently made a change that accidentally dropped our activations by 70%, before working with Bert we wouldn't even have noticed that. Bert also ran outreach campaigns for us that created a lot sales calls and engagement for us.

He is laser-focused on understanding customer needs and data-driven growth.

February 7, 2019, Koen was a client of Bert’s

Koen van de Wetering


After 2 sessions, my team, and I saw the need of how important DATA is for a SaaS B2B. Off course, we did rely on some data points like CPA and LTV, but the main strategies Bert shared with us on both academical and practical level are stunning. After the implementation of his homework, I will definitely share the growth rates :)

May 22, 2018, Dr. Johannes is a client of Bert

Dr. Johannes Ripken

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO at tamanguu | Building a digital assistant tool for networking and relationship management

On our journey developing our innovative business networking tool, I am highly thankful for Bert's valuable, in-depth contributions, feedback, mentoring. Actually, he literally boosted our brains and processes with his input.

One of my employees noted being highly impressed with how Bert analysed tamanguu from just a few chats and some information without having met us yet. I am looking forward to our further collaboration!

August 13, 2018, Niklas worked with Bert but at different companies.

Niklas Schreiber

Head of Development bei HAUSGOLD | talocasa GmbH

I was impressed with his methods for creating a data-driven roadmap and validating the underlying user needs, using user interviews, user tests and surveys. Bert created a very user-friendly product by working together closely with designers. We are grateful for Bert's drive and effort in bringing the product to life and taking our initial ideas to the next level.

Why Product Growth is Hard

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and product managers, we’ve learned:

1. Most B2B startups make decisions based on gut feeling and guessing and typically don't even track the hard data needed for better decision making.

2. Most Products become too complex trying to please every possible customer and scenario resulting in too many niches, sub-products and strategies at once.

3. Slower growers are iterating and learning 10x slower compared to rapid growers, instead, they make big 3 month+ bets and suffer when they fail.

These 3 factors combine to make revenues grow slow (read: less than 100-200% per year in the first 3 years).

Rapidly getting you on the High Growth Track, jumping the learning curve

If you've developed an online B2B product (i.e. SaaS, Marketplace, App, or any service that partly relies on software), you know how hard it can be to grow your revenue. Despite working 60-hour weeks, it just seems to be inching along, while others are growing their customer base 100%-200% year over year with seemingly little effort. It feels like you're stuck and you're just not making serious progress.

There are hundreds of options to grow your revenues: Add more features, enter into a new niche, go 'enterprise', partnerships, improve the landing page, etc. But where should you focus to have hockey stick growth? Maybe you already added many features but nobody is using them?

You want next year to be the best year yet for your business. You want to stop spinning your wheels and get out of the mud. You're not alone. We've all been there. And sometimes we just need a little help to get unstuck.

This coaching program is all about rapidly getting you on the high growth track by implementing data-driven decision making and growth hacking to accelerate your revenue growth. It will help you find the right customer segment to focus on and improve your product-market fit, convert more trials or free users to paid (if applicable), generate more highly converting leads, find out what features to focus on, speed up development and save money on paid ads.

Are you achieving 100-200% Yearly Growth?

Gut feeling decision making

Roadmaps / Strategies / big risky bets

Slow learning

Inventing the wheel

Throwing more money at Marketing

Monthly shifting goals, giving up too soon

Data driven decision making

Find out if an idea will work before implementing it

Learning every week

Using Proven Best Practices

Fix funnel bottlenecks first

One metric that matters, keep digging for the gold.

Old way

High Growth way

“Being LEAN doesn’t mean building quicker, but learning quicker at every step of the way”

How our program works / what we do and deliver

1) Data Analysis & Proposal Preparation

2) Growth Council Meeting

3) Implementing & Launching Experiments & Roadmap items

4) Drawing Experiment & Roadmap Conclusions

The Data-Driven Growth Hacking process we implement and run, the 2 week "growth cycle":

We do the Growth hacking for you!
Every two weeks we run 2-3 experiments for you! This can be anything from a new advertisement campaign to a change in your pricing. Anything from Marketing, Sales and Product is on the table, and for product changes we work directly with your development team.

Bi-weekly Growth Council

Every two weeks we have a call to discuss the results of past experiments and to decide on new experiments (small, by us) and road map themes (big, typically software development).

Weekly management KPI reports

Every Monday morning we will email your management team the important Sales, Marketing and Growth KPIs from the prior week, to ensure everybody stays focused on growth. This service is also "done-for-you" and included.

“Scaling your marketing while your sales or product funnel is leaking customers is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole”

Companies our amazing team worked with:

  • We'll help you double the speed your revenues grow at every month
  • You will always know what ideas to focus on or kill in order to hockey stick your revenue.
  • Your team will focus on the 20% of work that will get you 80% of the results.
  • We’ll dramatically increase your team’s learning speed from months to days.
  • The team will stop wasting precious development time on features that nobody ever uses.
  • You will convert more leads to paying customers.
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Find new market opportunities that will generate new revenues and help further differentiate your company from competitors and make a significant breakthrough in your product.
  • Align your team / departments on your product vision and mission.
  • You'll have the support and accountability you need to help you transition your team into a higher gear.

If you do your part in the process and follow the steps, we guarantee:

Our Guaranteed Outcome Promise

My Story

I struggled with the challenge of growing a Product for years, for my own SaaS startup and for the 10 years I managed products for others. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and frustrated when things are not working. And I know how it can lead to stress and even depression.

I spent over 10 years studying Product Success. It's something that I've been fascinated with. I’ve always been fascinated how some companies like Dropbox achieved maximum success with seemingly minimal effort.

I've read dozens of books on Product success, product management, product techniques and have read hundreds of posts on productivity blogs.

I've tried just about every 'Product system' out there - Agile, LEAN startup, Design Thinking, growth hacking, JTBD, Design Sprints, the 100$ startup, - you name it and I've probably tried it.

All these systems work -- to some degree. But they lacked by only covering a part of product management and conflicting with each other.

Eventually, I created my own system based on the best ideas out there and it made a huge difference.

(This is the same system that we use in Accelerate).

But there was still something missing.

And I didn't realize what it was until I started basing all my decisions on hard data which focused my learning and iterating. I still used my original product system, but now it would run on steroids.

Things really took off.

I learned three important things from that experience:

  1. It's easy to build more features, but if they don’t move the needle you are better off throwing them away, or better yet not building them in the first place.
  2. Being Agile or LEAN doesn’t mean building quicker (and dirtier), but learning quicker and in every step of the process. I didn't fully appreciate that until I worked with a company that was doing 100s of small improvements (yes growth hacking, I’m talking to you) and not moving the needle at all. Throwing mud/developers at the wall is not a quick way to learn and will create a complex product that nobody will use. And if the data says you need to spend 2 months building a feature that will increase revenues by 30%, do exactly that, but keep learning at every step of the way.
  3. High growth companies experiment and learn literally(!) 10x faster and collect 10x more data points to learn from.

It's about the processes and the principles behind it when it comes to learning quicker and outpacing the competition.

“This KPI Dashboard and Weekly Meetings keep Everyone Focused On What Their Goal Is”

  • B2B companies with an online product or service, i.e. a SaaS product, an online marketplace, a mobile app, or an “offline” service with an online component (i.e. car rental). This program is not for B2C and not for amazon like webshops.
  • We work with businesses in any Industry. All our ex founders are adept at very quickly understanding your industry, business model and product. Although chances are, they have already had at least some experience in your niche.
  • You have at least 5 paying customers or 200 signups to a free version or trial and 100K in (self) funding.
  • Pricing: We cost far less than a part time employee, and by using our experience and systems we can deliver far more results.
  • You are under time pressure to increase your growth rate. If you have years to to make all the beginner mistakes we made in the past, this program is not for you.
  • You need accountability for yourself and/or your team to take consistent action to improve your growth rate. You want to learn weekly what’s working and what’s not.
  • You tried several growth approaches before, but their not giving you any results, or you just want to skip the learning curve.

Who is this program for?

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Work with us for free for two weeks to get a personal Revenue Growth Acceleration Plan. During three sessions we will:
1) Analyze your current situation, goals and strategic options
2) Analyze your current growth speed and bottlenecks compared to high growth startups
3) Come up with an action plan to at least double your growth speed

4) Teach you the data driven growth process that all high growth B2B startups follow.

We only offer all this free help to B2B startups we think that would really benefit from it. To find out if you qualify, apply below. There are only 2 spots available at the moment, after which we close our doors again. If you have some questions first, hit the button to the right.

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