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Results We Achieved for Our Clients in 2019

* 260% increase in Monthly Recurring Revenues in 8 months for a SaaS client

* 10x improvement in number of weekly sales calls in just 6 weeks, mixing various tactics
* 80% reduction in cost-per-acquisition in paid ads Google and Facebook in 2,5 months.
* 614% increase in organic traffic in 6 months with keyword research + new SEO friendly content

* 3x improvement in landing page conversion, from visitor to lead, over 4 months

We setup the full Marketing and Sales funnels and tools that acquire users and turn them into revenue as quickly as possible.


Some of our testimonials, taken from the LinkedIn Profile of our founder, Bert Stevens

Stewart Johnson

Founder at Doorflow

December 11, 2019, Stewart is a client of Bert's

I decided to start working with BetterProducts 9 months ago because of two challenges:

Firstly, I wanted to increase our then current 100% YoY growth in a scalable way. BetterProducts impressed me by increasing sales calls by at least 500% via a number of data driven methods. The BetterProducts team have run dozens of experiments and A/B tests across the marketing and sales funnels to determine the cheapest and most effective way to acquire more customers - we can increase our growth in a defined way by turning the dial as we like.

Overall a very positive partnership and I’m looking forward to some exciting times in the New Year as we continue to grow.

May 12, 2019, Boris was a client of Bert’s

Boris Paskalev

Co-Founder & CEO at DeepCode
(The first AI for software developers)

In the past over half a year, I have worked with Bert to help us improve product-market fit and to shift focus and accelerate our growth. Bert helped us set up the right tools and processes to be more data-driven in our Marketing and Product Decisions.

The weekly meetings and the mentoring have been invaluable to make strategic decisions, extract key insights and focus our product, marketing and sales efforts in a more data-driven way.

Bert also ran LinkedIn outreach campaigns for us that created a lot of engagement and sales calls for us.

He is laser-focused on understanding customer needs and data-driven decision making.

May 22, 2018, Dr. Johannes is a client of Bert

Dr. Johannes Ripken

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO at tamanguu | Building a digital assistant tool for networking and relationship management

On our journey developing our innovative business networking tool, I am highly thankful for Bert's valuable, in-depth contributions, feedback, mentoring. Actually, he literally boosted our brains and processes with his input.

One of my employees noted being highly impressed with how Bert analysed tamanguu from just a few chats and some information without having met us yet. I am looking forward to our further collaboration!

Our lead generation program is an ongoing program because, just like your product, your marketing funnel is never done and you're always improving and extending your funnel to get more new customers per month.

Goals of the program

Figuring out who your ideal buyer(s) are (job title, company type, company size, country, etc). Does it resonate more with one niche or another?

Figuring what the 1 line pitch that pulls in buyers.

Find out what marketing channels give you the most leads at the lowest cost (LinkedIn, FB, RM, LL, Google, Search, Gartner, Content, email outreach, email based targeting, etc).

Figure out a hook to get people on a demo call with you, or sign up for a free trial.

If you are early stage: How to get people to try the platform out and give feedback.

If you are early stage: How to get people to pay for the platform, and how much are they willing to pay? What features do buyers want next?

What we do
We setup & run a Marketing & Sales system for you.

 That actually gets people on demo/sales calls with you , or signup for your trial:

We will figure out for you what campaigns, messaging, targeting works best for you. 

We setup the end to end funnel. We don't just drive leads, we drive sales (although the actual sales calls remain in your hands of course). We manually answer mails/messages from leads, engage with them and get them onto sales calls with you. We run several experiments every 2-weeks to growth sprint & improve the numbers of sales you are getting. We create all the content and designs required for landing pages, messages, ads. We setup and the all tools for you, and we use quite a few! We'll also integrate with your existing CRM, if if you don't have one, we'll setup Pipedrive properly for you. 

Contract wise we we work with our clients for a fixed monthly fee, that's just a fraction of hiring a employee or freelancer to do the job. The reason we're able to do so is that we have perfected our systems over the years and are able to get great results quickly. 

How our program works

Companies our amazing team worked with:

  • We will help you at least double the amount of calls or signups every week, or for early stage startups get you at least between 2 and 20 calls a week depending on your market.
  • You will always know where to focus in order to hockey stick your revenue.
  • Your team will focus on the 20% of work that will get you 80% of the results.
  • We’ll dramatically increase your team’s learning speed from months to days.
  • You will convert more leads to paying customers.
  • You'll find new market opportunities that will generate new revenues and help further differentiate your company from competitors. You'll make a significant breakthrough in your product.
  • You'll have the support and accountability you need to help you transition your team into a higher gear.

If you do your part in the process and follow the steps, we guarantee:

Our Guaranteed Outcome Promise

  • B2B companies with an online product or service, i.e. a SaaS product, an online marketplace, a mobile app, or an “offline” service with an online component (i.e. car rental). This program is not for B2C and not for amazon like webshops.
  • We work with businesses in any Industry. All our ex founders are adept at very quickly understanding your industry, business model and product. Although chances are, they have already had at least some experience in your niche.
  • You have at least 5 paying customers or 200 signups to a free version or trial and 100K in (self) funding.
  • Pricing: We cost far less than a part time employee, and by using our experience and systems we can deliver far more results.
  • You are under time pressure to increase your growth rate. If you have years to to make all the beginner mistakes we made in the past, this program is not for you.
  • You tried several growth approaches before, but their not giving you any results, or you just want to skip the learning curve.
  • Ideal for technical founders without a Marketing background, who want to hit the ground running.

Who is this program for?

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Work with us for free for two weeks to get a personal Lead Generation Plan.

During our session we will:
1) Analyze your current situation, goals and strategic options
2) Analyze your current growth speed and bottlenecks compared to high growth startups
3) Come up with an lead generation plan to at least double your growth speed

4) Teach you the data driven growth process that all high growth B2B startups follow

We only offer all this free help to B2B startups we think that would really benefit from it. To find out if you qualify, apply below. There are only 2 spots available at the moment, after which we close our doors again. If you have some questions first, hit the button to the right.

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