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4 Month program to double the revenues from your software based online product or service

Product Accelerator

If you've developed an online B2B product (i.e. SaaS, Marketplace, App, or any service that partly relies on software), you know how hard it can be to grow your revenue. Despite working 60-hour weeks, it just seems to be inching along, while others are growing their customer base year over year with seemingly little effort. It feels like you're stuck and you're just not making serious progress.

There are hundreds of options to grow your product: Add more features, enter into a new niche, go 'enterprise', improve the landing page, etc. But where to focus for hockey stick growth? Maybe you already added many features but nobody is using them?

You want this year to be the best year yet for your business. You want to stop spinning your wheels and get out of the mud. You're not alone. We've all been there. And sometimes we just need a little help to get unstuck.

“The best Marketing in the world

can’t fix a Broken Product”

Why Product Growth is Hard

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and product managers, we’ve learned:

1. Most product teams make roadmap decisions based on gut feeling and guessing and lack a crystal clear view of what their customers want.

2. Most Products become too complex trying to please every possible customer and scenario

3. Most Product teams are not quickly learning and iterating, because they're not talking to customers enough (and in the right way) to validate their hypotheses

Causing product growth to be painfully slow.

“Most Product teams lack a crystal clear picture of customer needs”

Gut feeling decision making

Throwing mud at the wall, see if something sticks. “Fail fast”

Not learning and adopting based on what’s working or not

Self invented Discovery / Design / Road map processes

Throwing more money at Marketing

Steering on lagging KPIs (i.e. revenues)

Monthly shifting goals and metrics, giving up too soon

Data driven decision making

Find out if a feature will work before building it

Learning every week, validating hypotheses about user needs and solutions

Using Proven Best Practices and Processes

Focus on new customers

First fix a broken product and funnel

Steering on leading KPIs

One metric that matters, keep digging for the gold.

Focus on both retention and new customers

Old way

Our way

“Being LEAN doesn’t mean building quicker, but learning quicker at every step of the way”

Accelerate Your Product in 4 Months

  1. We’ll do a brutal analysis of your product: what’s working and what’s not to create hockey stick growth. From landing page, to signup funnel, to 'path to first value', to encouraging recurring usage, to retention.
  2. We will define, validate, and redefine your Product Vision. We will talk to your ideal customers to validate if they actually have the problem you are trying to solve for them (Is this one of their top 5 pains?). Or that you have to switch niche or problem to find product-market fit.
  3. Based on User Interviews, Surveying, Vision and data analysis we'll help you create a customer and Data Driven Roadmap.
  4. We will implement a Discovery process so you can repeat the steps above yourself in the future.
  5. We will implement a User testing to ensure you don't waste development time on features that your users will not use. And test your current product.
  6. We will implement a Design Process that produces clickable prototypes and includes user testing, so you can keep doing this process yourself in the future.
  7. We will work together with you on the next big roadmap theme, to teach the Extended User Story Mapping technique, which produces killer features.
  8. Implement an NPS tool for you, as customer satisfaction determines product growth. Additionally, we’ll setup analytic tools to determine which features are attracting and chasing away customers (churn root cause analysis).
  9. Funnel review: Help you find out where you are losing potential customers in the process from website visitor to long term user.
  10. Tweaks to your Delivery (scrum/ kanban) process, to ensure exactly the right features get built, and time is spent according to strategic priorities.
  11. Product KPI definition and dashboard, and related weekly meetings.
  12. All the steps above include training for your team to learn how to do these processes right, step by step processes, templates and tool recommendations.

This is our field tested approach to Accelerate your Product Growth:

* The contents and length of the program can be customized to your needs and situation.

“Scaling your marketing while your product is leaking customers is like filling a bucket that has a hole”

Bert Stevens, the founder of BetterProducts, worked for many years as Head of Product for many online B2B products, applying all the product strategies from this program.


May 12, 2019, Bert was a client of Boris’

Boris Paskalev

Co-Founder & CEO at DeepCode
(The first AI for software developers)

In the past over half a year, I have worked with Bert to help us improve product-market fit and to shift focus and accelerate our growth. Bert helped us set up the right tools and processes to be more data-driven in our Marketing and Product Decisions. We now have a laser-sharp image of what our growth bottlenecks are, so we can quickly act on the most critical/impactful areas.

The weekly meetings and the mentoring have been invaluable to make strategic decisions, extract key insights and focus our product, marketing and sales efforts in a more data-driven way.

We recently made a change that accidentally dropped our activations by 70%, before working with Bert we wouldn't even have noticed that. Bert also ran LinkedIn outreach campaigns for us that created a lot of engagement and sales calls for us.

He is laser-focused on understanding customer needs and data-driven decision making.

February 7, 2019, Koen was a client of Bert’s

Koen van de Wetering

Specialist in Facebook adverteren, Quizzes, en Landingspagina's

After 2 sessions, my team, and I saw the need of how important DATA is for a SaaS B2B. Offcourse, we did rely on some data points like CPA and LTV, but the main strategies Bert shared with us on both academical and practical level are stunning. After the implementation of his homework, I will definitely share the growth rates :)

May 22, 2018, Dr. Johannes is a client of

Dr. Johannes Ripken

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO at tamanguu | Building a digital assistant tool for networking and relationship management

On our journey developing our innovative business networking tool, I am highly thankful for Bert's valuable, in-depth contributions, feedback, mentoring. Actually, he literally boosted our brains and processes with his input.

One of my employees noted being highly impressed how Bert analysed tamanguu from just a few chats and some information without having met us yet. I am looking forward to our further collaboration!

August 13, 2018, Niklas worked with Bert but at different companies.

Niklas Schreiber

Head of Development bei HAUSGOLD | talocasa GmbH

Bert helped us rapidly build and launch a mobile CRM for real estate agents in less than 4 months and grew it from there. I was impressed with his methods for creating a data-driven roadmap and validating the underlying user needs using user interviews, user tests and surveys. Bert created a very user-friendly product by working together closely with designers. We are grateful for Bert's drive and effort in bringing the product to life and taking our initial ideas to the next level.

BetterProducts helped us scale our product which was essential for us selling the business only a few years later.

Peter Geene, CEO Conceb

Companies our amazing team worked with:

  • We'll help you double your growth rate or find your first paying customers
  • You will always know what features to build, improve or kill in order to hockey stick your revenue.
  • Your team focussed on the 20% of work that will get you 80% of the results.
  • You will have a clear product vision, roadmap and processes to accelerate your growth.
  • We’ll dramatically increase your team’s learning speed from months to days.
  • The team will stop wasting precious development time on features that nobody ever uses.
  • You will convert more leads to paying customers.
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Find new market opportunities that will generate new revenues and help further differentiate your company from competitors and make a significant breakthrough in your product.
  • Align your team / departments on your product vision and mission.
  • Your team will have better conversations with your customers who will feel appreciated and understood which will help with creating loyal customers.
  • You have the support and accountability you need to help you transition your team into a higher gear.

If you do your part in the process and follow the steps, we guarantee:

I Want To Grow My Product!

Our Guaranteed Outcome Promise

My Story

I struggled with the challenge of growing a Product for years, for my own SaaS startup and for the 10 years I managed products for others. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and frustrated when things are not working. And I know how it can lead to stress and even depression.

I spent over 7 years studying Product Success. It's something that I've been fascinated with. I’ve always been fascinated how some companies like Dropbox achieved maximum success with seamingly minimal effort.

I have read dozens of books on Product success, product management, product techniques. I have read hundreds of posts on productivity blogs.

I've tried just about every 'Product system' out there - Agile, LEAN startup, Design Thinking, growth hacking, JTBD, Design Sprints, the 100$ startup, - you name it and I've probably tried it.

All these systems work -- to some degree. But they lacked by only covering a part of product management and conflicting with each other.

Eventually, I created my own system which based on the best ideas out there. It made a huge difference.

(This is the same system that we use in Accelerate).

But there was still something missing.

And I didn't realize what it was until I started basing all my decisions on hard data and focussed on learning and iterating even quicker. I still used my product system, but now it runs on steroids.

And that's when things really took off.

I learned two important things from that experience:

  1. It's easy to build more features, but if they don’t move the needle you are better off throwing them away, or better yet not building them in the first place.
  2. Being Agile or LEAN doesn’t mean building quicker (and dirtier), but learning quicker and in every step of the process. I didn't fully appreciate that until I worked with a company that was doing 100s of small improvements (yes growth hacking, I’m talking to you) and not moving the needle at all. Throwing mud/developers at the wall is not a quick way to learn and will create a complex product that nobody will use. And if the data says you need to spend 2 months building a feature that will increase revenues by 30%, do exactly that, but keep learning at every step of the way.

It's about the processes and about the principle behind it of learning quicker and outpacing the competition.

“This KPI Dashboard and Weekly Meeting keeps Everyone Focussed On What Their Goal Is”

  • B2B companies with an online product or service, i.e. a SaaS product, an online marketplace, an mobile app, or a “offline” service with online component (i.e. car rental). This program is not for B2C and not for amazon like webshops.
  • We work with businesses in any Industry. All our ex founders are adept at very quickly understanding your industry, business model and product, although chances are, they have already had at least some experience in your niche.
  • We have an affordable Price and even work with small startups that haven't launched yet. We cost far less than a part time employee, but using our experience and systems we can deliver far more results.
  • You are under time pressure to increase your growth rate. If you have years to to make all the beginner mistakes we made in the past, this program is not for you.
  • You need accountability for yourself and/or your team to take consistent action to improve your growth rate. You want to learn weekly what’s working and what’s not.
  • You tried several growth approaches before, but their not giving you any results, or you just want to skip the learning curve.

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