Helping You Create Better Products, Faster

  • Product Growth & Finding Product Market fit
  • Product strategy and Product Roadmap creation
  • Jump-starting Marketing, Sales And Product Management processes
  • Lead generation
  • Market Research and User testing

Product Management & Marketing Services for B2B software startups.

"I have been creating Online Products for more than 12 years and I enjoy using that experience help companies make their Products Better and improve their Product Management Processes. I specialize in helping companies become more Customer Centered and Data Driven.

It would be my pleasure to help you with any Product Growth Challenge."

Bert Stevens Founder & Product Manager.

Challenges I Can Help With

  • Our Product is struggling to get traction in the market
  • Our yearly growth is below 100% and our marketing and lead gen is not working
  • We don't have the data to make the right marketing / product decisions. We are basically sailing blind and have to rely on gut feelings to make prioritization and roadmap decisions.
  • We spend too much time developing features that customers don't use
  • Our retention or customer satisfaction score is below industry benchmark


These are some of the building blocks we use to create Better Products

Product Strategy & Vision

Helping you create a laser sharp product strategy and vision.

No more guesswork: Create a data-driven, user-focussed Roadmap.


Cheat: Learn what your customers really want before you start building.

User Testing & Interviews

Product Audit

Find out what's holding back your product from exponential growth, using industry benchmarks.

Kick-start Agile & LEAN standard operating procedures for your whole Product team

Product Management Processes

Coaching of CEO's and Product managers on hard Product Challenges


Let me help you with your Product Challenge for free

I currently offer a free 1-hour consultation on whatever Product challenge you might face. Just fill out the form to the right to learn more. I offer Phone, Skype, and Email based advice.